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Our Story

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Our Story

Herbs N RootTM range of products are scientifically formulated with ingredients of highest quality and produced in a certified GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) manufacturing facility. Modern day science combined with the years of experience & scientifically proven natural ayurvedic ingredients goes in the making of these rejuvenating& healthy Green & Herbal Teas. All our products are duly tested by third party lab, thereby ensuring the highest standards of quality, purity and safety measures, leading to a consistent output in every batch. Our goal is to bring you closer to India’s most valuable and traditionally used medicinal and aromatic plants through naturally extracted sources. At Herbs N RootTM we believe in delivering high-quality products that uphold your health and well-being in the highest regard.


Herbs N RootTM is a copyright brand of H&R Beverages that constitute of an exclusive line of Herbal &
Green Teas catering to the “essential requirements of the body”.


“To bring the health conscious consumers closer to India’s most valuable and traditionally used medicinal and aromatic herbs through naturally extracted sources”


“To make the world a healthier and happier place to live”


“We believe in delivering high-quality products that uphold human health and well-being in the highest regard”

Brand Promise

Herbs N Root promises to deliver on these five essentials:

  • Truth in our formula by using only the quality tested form of each ingredient.
  • Purity and quality standards are maintained, right from the raw material to the packaged formula.
  • Brilliance in the protocols followed to ensure product efficacy in every stage, from the manufacturing process to packaging.
  • Reliability in terms of the ability to maintain the consistency of each product’s effectiveness from batch-to-batch. Stringent quality inspections are conducted at each phase of the manufacturing process.
  • Precision in quality parameters mentioned on the product label.

Brand Philosophy

Herbs N RootTM stands for excellence in Herbal supplements. Nature has influenced our procedures right from the selection of quality ingredients, to the creation of advanced and innovative formulations. We offer targeted solutions addressing various health concerns that an individual may require assistance with. Our range of products offer a healthy improvement in every aspect of your life.

Quality at Our Core

Herbs N RootTM stands for purity, quality and health benefits. We strive to create, innovate, implement and improvise our processes to deliver high-quality products.

We at Herbs N Root believe in quality control by properly standardizing herbs, herbal extracts as well as our formulations. We have established quality control procedures for all formulations produced by us. Quality begins with the identification of herbs by Botanist. The herbs and herbal extracts used by us are then screened by Phytochemist for their active constituents. The quality control department conducts regular audits and inspections of manufacturers of ingredients used by us to ensure quality. Each batch of finished product is then analytically screened to ensure uniformity of different batches and stability of formulations.

How we make it

Herbs N RootTM are meticulously manufactured in a highly equipped GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certified facility. They are made with quality ingredients obtained from authentic sources. All our products are tested by a third-party lab to ensure product quality